Access Privileges Checklist

To make the Prism transformation process smooth and easy, we will ask you to grant us access. Our technical experts will use it to configure and launch Prism, set up unified analytics, monitor and optimize the performance, and check any changes in SEO etc. The access and information in your account will be always kept strictly confidential.

Some of the accesses are optional, and, alternatively, you can carry out all the necessary actions by yourself according to our instructions. 

We recommend providing full access to the Clickio team for publishers, who want to save time and effort.


Prism Mobile



Why is it needed?

Access is granted Access is denied




  • Install, activate, and configure Clickio Prism plugin for WP
  • Set up caching for Prism

Clickio team will install, activate, and configure Clickio Prism plugin for WP, as well as manage all other necessary caching settings.

Alternatively, you can install, activate, and configure the Clickio Prism plugin for WP by yourself. We will also provide additional instructions on how to set up your caching for Prism.

Google Analytics:




Google Analytics 4



  • Unified reporting with metrics on user experience, site speed, and monetization
  • A/B testing Prism vs Original version (Prism Mobile only)

Once you provided access to your GA and created a custom dimension for Prism in GA, our data analysts will activate a Prism Dashboard in your Clickio account.

Prism Dashboard will not be available in your Clickio account, and it will be harder to evaluate Prism performance.

Google AdSense**


Not required


  • Unified analytics to consolidate revenue streams with session-level metrics

Google AdSense data will be included in the Prism Dashboard in your Clickio account, provided that these requirements are met.

AdSense data will not be included in the calculation of session-level metrics, and it will be harder to evaluate Prism performance.

Google Search Console





  • Control AMP pages validation
  • Optimize Core Web Vitals
  • Monitor SEO improvements

Clickio team will check AMP pages validation process, optimize your site for Core Web Vitals, and constantly monitor SEO improvements.

You will be responsible for monitoring and reporting any AMP validation, Core Web Vitals or SEO issues to your Clickio manager. Clickio tech experts will support you in solving all eventual problems.

DNS hosting




When Prism is ready to go live, the Clickio team will make all the necessary changes to DNS settings to activate Clickio CDN and launch Prism on your site.

To launch Prism on your site, you will need to make changes to the DNS settings according to the detailed instructions provided by our technical specialists.

(*) Only for publishers using WordPress. (**) Only if AdSense is used in the competition