Site Layout Changes with Clickio Prism

Congratulations! Clickio Prism is now launched on your site. Thanks to super-fast site loading, your users are more engaged with clean, modern design and smooth interactions.

During Clickio Prism Mobile transformation our technical team examined the existing layout and set up the technology to distinguish content from the template and other elements. 

Once Clickio Prism is live, you can make certain modifications to the original site, but all structural changes should always be discussed with Clickio in advance in order to avoid disruptions.

Changes that can be done only after agreement with Clickio
  • All structural changes to the site (for example, a new theme, placements, IDs and classes of elements, etc.).
  • Changes to the menu items or adding new sections.
  • Adding new elements, plugins or video providers, etc.

If you make any structural changes without warning us, there is a risk that they can break Clickio Prism mobile version of your site. 

It is advisable to show what changes will be done in advance on some test resources so our technical team can check everything and apply all the necessary adjustments.

Changes that can be done without being discussed with Clickio
  • Minor changes to styles, colors, and fonts via CSS.
  • Creating new articles using the previous layout.
  • Editing existing articles without changes to the layout.