Manual Purging Cache with Clickio CDN

Clickio CDN is designed to intelligently cache your content. In most cases, manual control is not required. However, you can always purge cache using the methods described below.

1. GET-parameter

To flush the cache of a single page, add the parameter ?lx_force_nocache=1 to the URL.


2. Clickio CDN Purge API

curl -X POST \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-H 'Authorization: Bearer %secret_token%' \
-d '[
"daemon": "Master",
"domain": "",
"url": "/path/to/page/",
"desktop": 1,
"mobile": 1
"daemon": "Master",
"domain": "",
"url": "/path/to/second/page/",
"desktop": 1,
"mobile": 1

  • Get "secret_token" from your Clickio account manager,
  • Replace "" with your domain name,
  • Replace "/path/to/page/" with a page path,
  • Multiple pages can be purged at once.

3. Clickio Platform - Cache

There is a way to purge Clickio CDN cache for specific URLs or by URL mask using the interface of Clickio Platform. Feel free to contact support if you need access to this interface.

3.1. Log in to the Clickio Platform
3.2. Click the Prism in the left sidebar
3.3. Select the domain where you want to purge cache and click the Purge Cache link
3.4. Under Cache, to purge cache, click one of the following options:

  • Purge everything to purge Clickio CDN cache for all cached pages.
  • Custom purge to purge Clickio CDN cache for specific URLs or by URL mask.