Clickio CDN

What is Clickio CDN?

Clickio CDN is a geographically distributed content delivery network (CDN) that provides fast delivery of content to end-users. Currently, our servers are located in Europe and North America.

The main benefits of activating Clickio CDN include:

  • Increased delivery speed for mobile and desktop traffic.
  • Clickio Prism works even faster with CDN (no extra requests needed).
  • Improved caching mechanisms for all pages and static elements.
  • Images optimization.
  • HTTP/2 support.

Clickio CDN Activation

Please do not activate Clickio CDN without receiving confirmation from your Clickio account manager, that Prism is ready to go live.

There are two ways to activate Clickio CDN:

  1. Clickio CDN Activation for Sites that Use Cloudflare CDN as a Proxy
  2. Clickio CDN Activation with CNAME Record Integration

Our technical specialists will analyze your site and advise you on the preferred integration.

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