External Advertising Tags on Clickio Prism

Advertising on Clickio Prism

Site monetization is one of the main Clickio’s specializations. With Prism, monetization of your site becomes even more effective: advertising is constantly optimized with dynamic ad placement and advanced A/B testing. Ad formats and positions are determined using sophisticated algorithms designed to maximize your ad revenue and performance. 

Clickio collaborates with the most premium display demand partners via Google Ad Manager, Open Bidding, Header Bidding, as well as with top native, video, in-image advertising providers. However, we understand that you may have your own partnerships and need to include them in Clickio Prism in order to generate consistent ad revenue from direct campaigns.

How external advertising tags may affect the Clickio Prism version?

When external advertising tags are integrated into Clickio Prism, the following issues may arise:

  • Differences in the final implementation. Ad codes on the Clickio Prism version may not work exactly as they do on the original site.
  • Differences in ad placement. Due to changes in site layout, ad placements on the Prism version may be slightly different from the original position.  
  • External ads are excluded in Prism reporting. There will be no data on external ad providers in the Prism Dashboard.
How to integrate external advertising tags in Prism?

We strongly recommend implementing separate tags for Desktop, Original Mobile, and Prism Mobile versions of your site. It will help with future analysis and debugging. 

All external advertising tags should be tested for compatibility with Prism. The process of ad tag validation requires at least 2-7 working days, so make sure to provide them in advance. 

To implement external ad tags correctly, we kindly ask you to copy, fill in, and send us back this form.

Info required


URL Example 

Please provide an example URL, where the ad tag can be currently found.

External Ad Tags

Insert HTML or JavaScript ad code.

Use one row for one tag.

Prism version 

Select the Prism version.

Ad Provider

Select an ad provider. If it is not present in the list, specify the provider in the Additional comment. 

Ad Type

Select the type of ad unit.  If it is not present in the list, specify ad type in the Additional comment. 

Ad Location

Select the location of the ad unit. If it is not present in the list, specify ad location in the Additional comment. 

Ad Placement

Select the ad placement of the ad unit. If it is not present in the list, specify ad placement in the Additional comment. 

Ad Size

Specify the size of the ad unit. If it is not present in the list, specify ad size in the Additional comment. 

Is it a direct campaign? 

Specify whether the ad campaign is sold directly.

Does this ad have geo-targeting?

Specify whether the ad has any geo-targeting settings.

Is the ad asynchronous?

Specify if the ad is loaded asynchronously.

For any additional explanations and assistance, please contact your Clickio manager.