How to switch to Clickio CDN?

The instruction below contains a general description of the process. Individual instructions for each site will be provided  by your Clickio account manager.

100% of site traffic will go through Clickio CDN after performing Step 3. Please perform it only after receiving confirmation from your Clickio account manager.

Step 1

 Provide an IP address (or special DNS name other than the primary domain) of your main site server, so Prism can access content of your site. Please make sure this IP will always serve the content of the site for direct requests from our servers.

Step 2

Confirm the right for Clickio to issue an SSL certificate for your domain while working via Clickio CDN. To do so you need to create an extra DNS record (CNAME or TXT) with a specific line of text that will be provided by your account manager.

Step 3

Create/update DNS-records for the main site domain to point to Clickio CDN.


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