Clickio Prism AMP Transformation Process for non-WordPress Sites

Step 1: Prism Onboarding

1. Register in the Clickio platform here or with the link sent by your Clickio manager.

2. Provide all the necessary access privileges to the Clickio team:

3. E-sign Prism Publisher Agreement.

4. Create a separate subdomain for the AMP version. To do this, go to the web hosting control panel of your site and create the following DNS-record:

  • Type - CNAME;
  • Name - AMP;
  • Target -

Inform your Clickio manager when it is done.

5. The base ad layout is discussed with your Clickio manager and approved by you. If any external advertising tags should be integrated into Prism, provide them along with the supporting information by filling in this form.

Step 2: Prism AMP Transformation

6. The Clickio team prepares a Prism AMP version of your site within 1-4 weeks. If custom development work is needed, an additional timeline is given. 

7. Prism AMP version is presented to you. You can discuss all the necessary changes regarding look-and-feel and functionality with your Clickio manager.

Step 3: Prism AMP Activation

8. Place the following code in the <head></head> section on all article/post pages of your site (replacing with the actual AMP domain name):

9. Prism AMP is activated on your site. 

10. Clickio team monitors the AMP pages validation process in Google Search Console.

Step 4: Customer Support

11. Contact your personal Clickio account manager or send an email to for any Prism AMP related issue or request.