WP Plugin + Clickio CDN Integration for WordPress Sites


For WordPress sites, activating Clickio CDN brings extra benefits:

  • Faster delivery of both mobile and desktop pages.
  • Prism vs Original A/B testing is always possible, irrespective of the publisher’s caching setup.
  • Enables advanced server-side advertising and layout optimization, further improving performance.
WP Plugin + Clickio CDN integration advantages
  • No need to install additional codes on the site.
  • Prism mobile and AMP pages remain completely under your control, WP plugin can be disabled at any time.
  • Prism does not depend on the layout of the site.
  • It provides high speed and fault tolerance due to the parallelization of the infrastructure (placing servers in different locations, content is sent from the server closest to the user).
  • Additional automatic content optimization with image compression (PNGs and JPEGs files are optimized for the mobile web through resizing and removing unnecessary metadata. This significantly improves the loading speed, while maintaining the quality of images. Prism uses the following image compression tools: jpegoptim for JPEGs and OptiPNG for PNGs).
  • A/B testing and intelligent management of cached data (individual caches are collected for certain groups of users).
  • No problems with updating static content.
WP Plugin + Clickio CDN integration guidelines

Prism Transformation is always subject to evaluation by Clickio's technical or commercial teams. Please speak to your Clickio manager to find out if your site is eligible.

  • Minimum earnings requirements: $1,000 advertising revenue per month on the Prism channel (no aggregation between traffic types).
  • Minimum traffic requirements: 500,000 mobile monthly pageviews.
  • Advertising exclusivity requirement: display/video/native advertising exclusivity (with the exception of direct advertising campaigns).
  • Publisher’s CMS: WordPress only.
  • DNS server requirements: changes to the DNS settings are needed.
WP Plugin + Clickio CDN integration access privileges checklist

You should provide access to the Clickio team to: