How to provide access to WordPress for the Clickio team?

Please complete the following steps to provide admin access to WordPress for the Clickio team.

Only users with administrator privileges can add a new admin user in WordPress.

The access and information in your WordPress account will remain strictly confidential. All necessary changes to configure Clickio Prism in WordPress will be pre-agreed and confirmed with you.

1. Go to the administration panel of your site placing wp-admin after your domain name (e.g.

2. Click Users in the sidebar menu, then click Add New.

3. Fill the form as shown below. Select Administrator from the list of roles and click the Add New User button.

  1. Username (required):
  2. Email (required)         
  3. First Name                            Clickio
  4. Website                        
  5. Password                              Don’t change the password
  6. Send User Notification        Yes
  7. Role                                        Administrator

4. Clickio team will receive an email confirmation to with link to access your WordPress.