How to provide plugin manager access to WordPress for the Clickio team?

Step 1. Add Capability Manager Enhanced plugin to your WP.
  • Go to the administration panel of your site placing wp-admin after your domain name (e.g.
  • Click Plugins in the sidebar menu, then click Add New.

  • Type Capability Manager Enhanced in search box and click Install Now.

  • Enter your FTP credential (if needed) and click Proceed.

  • After installation is completed, click Activate button.

Step 2. Create new role.
  • Click Users in the sidebar menu, then click Capabilities.

  • In right sidebar type any role name (e.g. Pluginmanager) in Create New Role box and click Create button.

  • Select created Role and click Load button.

  • Select the following rights for the new role: activate plugins, read, update plugins, delete plugins, edit plugins, manage options, install plugins. Then click Save Changes.

Step 3. Add new plugin manager user.
  • Click Users in the sidebar menu, then click Add New.

  • Fill the form as shown in the screenshot. Select Pluginmanager from the list of roles and click Add New User button.
  1. Username (required):
  2. Email (required):        
  3. First Name                            Clickio
  4. Website                        
  5. Password                             Don’t change the password
  6. Send User Notification       Yes
  7. Role                                       Pluginmanager

  • Clickio team will receive an email confirmation to with link to access your WordPress.