Clickio Prism Overview

What is Clickio Prism?

Clickio Prism transforms any content site into a super-fast, app-like mobile version. It does not require any additional development. Any publisher can upgrade to the world-class, modern mobile experience, without the need to invest additional resources.

What are the main benefits of Clickio Prism?

The main benefits of using Clickio Prism include:

Super-fast site loading

  • Google PageSpeed score of 80-95 compared to 10-30 average for most sites.
  • The content displayed in less than 1s (3G benchmark), compared to the 3-5s average.
  • AMP is used as the core technology for the regular mobile web version, ensuring maximum performance.

Higher engagement, session depth and time on site

  • Clean, modern design.
  • Smooth interactions.
  • Instant swipe between articles.
  • Related articles. AI-powered content recommendations and positioning.

Better SEO, more traffic

  • Since July 2018, Google takes site speed into account when ranking results on mobile devices.
  • Excellent Lighthouse SEO check results.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

  • Activate AMP pages to receive extra traffic from Google News and Chrome suggestions.

Progressive Web App (PWA)

  • One-click install to the home screen without going through the Google Play Store (Android).
  • Content accessible offline (all platforms).

Premium monetization solutions, all-inclusive

  • AI-optimized ad layout that increases revenues while eliminating extra ad impressions.
  • Access to the premium demand using Open Bidding and Prebid.

Unified analytics

  • Prism combines data from Google Analytics, PageSpeed Insights, Ad Manager, other demand sources, and from its own analytics engine. 
  • A holistic view on user experience, site speed, and monetization with the user and session-level metrics (such as Session RPM).

One-click integrations

360-degree assistance and support

  • Personal account manager.
  • Full technical support during the transformation process.
  • Maintenance management and customer support.
Prism versions

Prism is an all-in-one solution for mobile websites. Available Prism versions include:

  • Prism Mobile;
  • Prism AMP.

We recommend activating both Prism Mobile and Prism AMP for publishers, who want to improve their site performance on mobile devices for a better browsing experience and a boost in ranking on Google search. It is also possible to activate Prism Mobile or Prism AMP separately.

What are the prerequisites for using Clickio Prism?

Clickio Prism works with any content site, that has a consistent content structure (e.g. most pages are designed similarly, or can be grouped into several template categories).

Examples of sites that can be transformed to Prism: blogs, news sites, reference sites, etc.

Examples of sites that cannot be transformed to Prism: e-commerce, forums, job ads sites, real estate ads sites, flash games sites, download sites, sites with content generated by users, etc.

Publishers who don’t want to spend development resources upgrading and maintaining their website can greatly benefit from Clickio Prism solution.