CDN & Cache

This tab allows publishers to browse and edit Prism CDN & Cache settings:

If Clickio CDN is active, you will see the following notice:


Original server IP

This section is available only when using Clickio CDN.


The section shows your original server IP, used by Prism to access the content of your site. 

To make any IP changes, please contact or your account manager.

Cache purging


Refer to the Cache section in the General tab.

Cache Lifetime Settings


Here you are able to configure the Prism cache lifetime for different page types. We strongly suggest using the default values in most cases, but you are able to reconfigure cache lifetime for certain page types if necessary. Switch to the custom values to do so.

Warning! When switching back to the default values from the custom ones, your current settings will be overwritten. 

If editing is restricted please contact or your account manager. 

In some cases changing cache lifetime for certain pages may be required. Use Custom Page Rules settings.

Custom Page Rules


This section includes default rules, applied with “no cache”, and allows custom rules (for instance, when a page is not included in the default rules) to be added.

How to add a custom rule
  1. Click “Add rule”.

  2. Specify URL according to the manual in the hint to apply the rule.

  3. Select one of the rule types:

    • Edge cache TTL. Caching lifetime override for a certain URL pattern. Specify time in the dropdown list on the right: 0 minutes (no caching), 5 minutes or 10 minutes.

    • Bypass cache and disable Prism (no caching).

  4. Save and deploy the new rule immediately, or save it as draft


Note: In some rare cases managing custom page rules may not be available (for instance, when using incompatible/custom site configuration).