Clickio Prism AMP Overview

What is Clickio Prism AMP?

Clickio Prism AMP is a technology that transforms any content site into a super-fast mobile AMP version. It does not require any additional development.

What are the main benefits of Clickio Prism AMP over standard AMP?

Optimized ad layouts

Empowered by the technology of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Clickio's algorithm constantly A/B tests ad layouts to optimize the monetization performance. 

Full demand stack

With Clickio Prism AMP publishers get access to the most premium demand partners in the market via the best performing channels such as Google Ad Manager, Open Bidding, and server-side Header Bidding.

Infinite scroll 

Clickio Prism AMP includes an infinite scrolling technique that continuously loads content as the user scrolls down the page, eliminating the need for pagination. Thanks to the infinite scroll feature, user experience is improved, which increases advertiting revenue.

Core Web Vitals (CWV) compliance

Clickio Prism AMP is designed with ongoing validation of CWV metrics, which are essential for reaching high rankings in Google search.

Possibility to add native ads

Native ads can be easily implemented in Clickio Prism AMP to help publishers monetize their inventory by placing a widget (mostly) at the end of an article that shows recommendations for sponsored content as well as recirculates the publisher's own content.

Continuous technical support

With Clickio Prism AMP, a team of technical specialists constantly monitors and fixes AMP validation issues.