Clickio CDN - allowlisting (whitelisting)


In case your server or hosting use any firewalls, bot protection, traffic limitation, manual blocklisting (blacklisting), DoS or DDoS protection systems - Clickio servers should be added to the allowlists (whitelists) in order to be able to receive data from site CMS without interruptions.

Clickio servers use these user-agents when sending requests to your server:
  • Clickio-Prism
  • Clickio Amp robot

Please make sure these are not blocked


Clickio servers use these  IP ranges:

Also available as a IPv4 text list


Configuring IP access rules instructions for Cloudflare (Action=Allow, Applies to = This website)

Cloudflare set up Example:


See also: Clickio Prism for Wordpress - required access

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