When Malvertising is Detected

In order to prevent malvertising or investigate the incident, Clickio may deactivate any additional demand sources for your site.

Clickio may also ask publisher for assistance in investigating the issue.

What should a publisher do after detecting the malvertising?

Make a request to support@clickio.com or to your manager. Provide accurate information on country, exact day of the incident, URLs where users are redirected, device, OS, including screenshots.

We will get in touch with you regarding the issue. If the information provided is not enough to find the problem, Clickio can ask to:

  • save log file and send it to Clickio: HAR-file on desktop or Charles proxy session on Android mobile/ HTTP Watch on IOS┬ámobile;

  • continue monitoring the situation and let us know when the problem disappears.

After the issue has been solved, Clickio will reactivate all demand sources.