How to create an ads.txt file for your site?

Clickio has an ads.txt validator available on the platform. It allows publishers to create and set up their ads.txt file in a few minutes. If you don't have an ads.txt file on your site, please follow the steps below to create one:

1. Sign in to your Clickio account and click Ads.txt: 

2. Check sites with the status No ads.txt found.

3. In the Action column, click Fix now.

4. Copy all the lines to your ads.txt file. Alternatively, you can download your full ads.txt file with all required lines directly on our platform.

Note: If you’re using another ad network (for example, Google AdSense), remember to add that network to your ads.txt file. Contact your ad network for their ads.txt information.

5. Upload the ads.txt file to your root domain (for example,

6. Click on the Update status button.

7. If the status is changed to Everything is OK, your ads.txt is successfully created.

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