How to update your ads.txt file?

Clickio has an ads.txt validator available on the platform. It allows publishers to check the current status of their ads.txt file and sends warnings in case of problem detection. 

If there is an issue with ads.txt on your site, you will see an alert in the notification center. Please follow the steps below to update your ads.txt:

1. Sign in to your Clickio account and go to the Ads.txt tab.

2. Check sites with the status Need to fix.

3. Click on the site link to open the Ads.txt Site dashboard.

4. If the status of the site is Ads.txt was found but it doesn’t contain all required data, continue to follow the instruction.

If the status of the site is No ads.txt found, follow this instruction to create your ads.txt file.

5. Copy and paste missing lines to your current ads.txt file. Do not replace or delete previously added lines to avoid revenue disruptions. Alternatively, you can download your full ads.txt file with all required lines.

6. Upload a new copy of the ads.txt file to your root domain (for example,

7. Click on the Update button in the Ads.txt Site dashboard.

8. If the status is changed to Ads.txt is correct, your ads.txt is successfully updated.