How to exclude specific pages from showing Clickio ads?

What are page exclusions?

We know everything about site monetization. Clickio algorithms manage ad placements dynamically, while A/B testing engine constantly improves ad layout, demand structure, and monetization channels to provide publishers with the best performance. 

We understand that in some cases, ad serving for example on pages with sponsored content or on pages with direct campaigns might be inappropriate. 

However, ad blocking is not limited only to pages with sponsored content or to pages with direct campaigns. According to AdSense ad placement policies, the ads serving is forbidden on pages like thank you, error, login, exit pages, or on pages without any content. If having these pages on your site, ensure to have any ads blocked. 

Ads on these types of pages might mislead a visitor into thinking that the ads are actual content. Serving ads on these kinds of pages can result in invalid traffic and eventually in AdSense deductions. We also do not recommend placing ads on cookie policy, privacy policy, about us, and other informative pages.

How to block Clickio ads on specific pages?

Page exclusions can be done in two ways.

Page exclusions on our side. Send the list of URLs where Clickio ads should be blocked to your account manager. Make sure that URLs are valid, they may not contain fragments (e.g., or parameters (e.g., 

Page exclusions on your side. In order to exclude some specific pages from showing Clickio ads, add one of these tags to the <head> section of a page you need to block.

This meta tag:

<meta name="clickio-content" content="alert">


this JS code:


One of these codes should be added only on specific pages, and not on the entire site.

For any help, please contact your Clickio manager.