What is sellers.json?

The Sellers.json file is a mechanism that allows digital advertising buyers to obtain relationship information between multiple programmatic market participants, such as publishers, intermediary agencies, and ad exchanges. To find out more about sellers.json, visit the Clickio Blog.

Why is it important?

Despite the fact that the sellers.json standard mainly strengthens regulation for the SSP side of the market, publishers decide whether to fully disclose their seller information. Making your seller’s information transparent will help advertisers to recognize your ad inventory as trustworthy and to certify its authenticity. 

How to disclose your seller information in the Clickio sellers.json file?

To adjust your sellers.json information, please follow the instructions below. 

1. Go to the Settings > Ads > Seller information visibility section. 

2. Choose whether you want to make your seller information transparent or confidential. 

We highly recommend setting your seller information as transparent. It will increase the value of your inventory and ensure stable revenue in the long run. 

3. Click Save setting to apply changes

pasted image 0 (36).png

What information will be published in the Clickio sellers.json file if I choose transparent?

If you choose “Transparent”, your business name, site domains, your publisher ID and seller type will be published in the Clickio sellers.json file.

See the example below, or visit the publicly available Clickio’s sellers.json file

pasted image 0 (37).png

  • Business name: the official name of your company, as it appears on your payment statements.
  • Site domains: all domains managed by your company.
  • Publisher ID: internal Clickio identificator, consisting of a six digit number. 
  • Seller type: type PUBLISHER will be added for all Clickio partners, as indicating that the inventory sold through this account is on a site owned by the named entity and the advertising system pays them directly.