Ads.txt validation with Clickio

Clickio has an ads.txt validator available on the platform, that allows publishers to create and update their ads.txt file in a few minutes. Moreover, different ads.txt statuses were introduced on the Clickio platform to help publishers to keep an eye on the situation and intervene when needed.

To check the ads.txt status of your site, log in to your Clickio account and go to the Ads.txt tab. Then click on the site link to open the Ads.txt Site dashboard.

Find below the description of Clickio statuses regarding ads.txt that you may find in your account.


Required actions

Ads.txt is correct

Your ads.txt file is correctly compiled. No actions required. 

Ads.txt was found but it doesn’t contain all required data

Your ads.txt file is incomplete. Please update your ads.txt file in accordance with this instruction.

No ads.txt found

Your ads.txt file is not found. Please create your ads.txt file following this instruction.

Ads.txt was found but it failed validation

Your ads.txt file has failed the validation. Please ensure the correct compilation and placement of your ads.txt file. Consult this article to avoid common ads.txt errors.

Ads.txt not processed yet

The status of your ads.txt has not been updated. Please check the status later, or contact Clickio Support in case of continuous delays.