Google Ad Manager Deductions

What are Google Ad Manager deductions?

Google Ad Manager deductions are earning adjustments made by Google due to invalid traffic or illegal activity detected on publisher’s sites that are not compliant with Google Ad Manager Partner Guidelines.

To find out more about invalid traffic, visit this page.

How does Google apply deductions?

To ensure the integrity of the digital ecosystem, Google does not provide specific details on when and how the deductions are made. Thus, it is difficult to track the period over which the deductions are made.

How does Clickio apply deductions to my earnings?

When deductions are made by Google Ad Manager, Clickio adjusts your final payment accordingly. The amount of income withheld by Google will be deducted from the payment issued each month. 

Please note that the corrections you see on your statement relate to deductions made by Google Ad Manager for the previous month. For example, the deductions added to the August statement actually account for July. To consult the statement, go to the Billing > Balance > View statement of the Clickio Publisher Platform.

How to prevent Google Ad Manager deductions?

To prevent any deductions from Google in Ad Manager or AdSense, please consult the materials listed below: