Instructions for Charles Proxy Session on Android

  1. Go to Charles Proxy Download page and follow instructions to download and install it on your computer.

  2. Configure Charles Proxy. After opening Charles Proxy go ahead and disable Windows Proxy / MacOS Proxy / Mozilla Firefox Proxy (they are enabled by default)


  1. Get proxy port number. In the task bar click "Proxy settings" and make a note of the proxy port number "8888".


  1. Get the local IP address in the network. Click on Help > Local IP address and you'll see an IP address that is usually formatted as 192.168.x.x or 10.0.x.x


  1. Add proxy server settings to your Android device

a) Go to “Settings”
b) Go to “Wifi”
c) Long tap to current wifi network (or > button)
d) Click “modify network” option
e) Click “show advanced options”
f) Under “Proxy” change to option to “Manual”
g) Set phone so all internet traffic on mobile device runs through the PC by entering “Proxy hostname” (IP address from point 3) and “Proxy port” (8888)
h) Click “Connect/Save”

  1. Install SSL certificates on your mobile device. To install Charles root certificate on Android device open in your mobile browser and download the cert.

  2. Collecting Logs

a) Clear the current session in Charles by clicking on the Broom Icon


b) If not currently active - Start Recording - by activating the Record icon


If the icon is red, recording is active and calls will be captured. If you are finished with the session, you can end it from there.

  1. Send it to Clickio