Best practices to optimize viewability

Below is a non-exhaustive list of recommendations for increasing viewability. The list was compiled based on the most common viewability issues from Clickio publishers.

1. Make sure to separate device targeting for mobile and desktop

When targeting is enabled for all devices, ad units added to the sidebar on desktop, on mobile devices are placed in the footer, which reduces the viewability of the ad unit. Targeting devices separately or creating separate ad units can solve this problem.

2. Place ads where users' attention is focused

The valuable content itself can ensure high viewability of ads, as users spend more time around it. For example, quite often ATF ads (ads placed at the very top of the webpage) may have low viewability despite the top position. The lack of interesting or useful content around them forces users to simply scroll down the page. Also, avoid implementing ads in places where there is no valuable content, or concentrating too many ads in one area of the site.

3. Add sticky ads 

Ads that stick to a browser window page while a user navigates the site, on average, have much higher viewability. Apart from guaranteed high viewability, sticky ads also perform well in terms of monetization and provide a good user experience. We recommend adding them to your site to increase overall viewability.

Clickio currently offers several sticky formats for both mobile and desktop devices.

  • Desktop single sticky in the sidebar
  • Desktop multi-sticky in the sidebar
  • Desktop horizontal sticky
  • Desktop mirror sticky
  • Mobile horizontal sticky

Contact your Clickio account manager to learn how to optimize viewability on your website.