Malvertising Issues Overview

The term malware, derived from malicious software, refers to any software specifically designed to disrupt operation, gather information that leads to loss of privacy or exploitation, gain unauthorized access to system resources, and other abusive behavior.

The term malvertising formed by the merging of two words malware + advertising.

Cyber-criminals use both display advertising as well as ad landing pages to distribute malware. Attack goals include malicious code hidden within an ad creative, auto-redirecting ads leading to phishing/malware pages that load exploits, click baiting that sends users to needed content.

Clickio makes proactive efforts to prevent malware from being served in Clickio network. Clickio retains discretion to take any reasonable action to solve malvertising issues.

First and foremost, we’d like to emphasize, that Clickio works only with reliable and high-quality demand sources. Nevertheless, sometimes failures occur in the implementation of their security policies. Moreover, the cause of malvertising can be sourced to creatives from other advertising networks and third-party scripts on a site, including JavaScript statistics counters and plug-ins.