Clickio Data Insights Overview

What is Clickio Data Insights?

Clickio Data Insights is an innovative analytics tool embedded in the Clickio Publisher Platform that integrates detailed monetization, content, user experience, and traffic data. Data Insights allows publishers to make informed decisions to boost their ad revenue. 

Why use Clickio Data Insights?

Make data-driven decisions

Data Insights enables publishers to make important data-driven decisions to grow their business.

Improve content strategy

With Data Insights, it's easy to identify which content is generating the most revenue and focus on creating additional articles in that particular category or topic. It is also possible to determine under-monetized areas that need improvements.

Ensure better user experience

Data Insights can help publishers polish their strategy for user acquisition, engagement, and retention by relying on relevant metrics and structured data.

Create granular reports

The combination of various dimensions and metrics guarantees data precision when conducting in-depth analysis with the highest level of detail.

Get fast answers

Rapid and stable reports allow publishers to instantly find the answers they need.

Assess the impact of compliance with programmatic market standards

Data Insights allow publishers to understand how different regulations and standards (GDPR, Google News transparency policy, etc.) affect their monetization results.