Authors Report

Authors is a pre-made default report that shows a breakdown of monetization results by author. Authors data is collected using metadata markups such as and The Open Graph.

When to use it?
  • To estimate the contribution of each author to the advertising revenue on the site.
  • Make sure all articles contain the correct author information, which is a mandatory requirement under the Google News and Google Discover transparency policies.
How to use it?

Go to the Data Insights tab and click on Authors. Apply relevant filters, and choose metrics you are interested in.

How to estimate advertising revenue per specific author?

1. Include earnings related metrics (such as for example, Earnings, Page RPM, eCPM) in the Metrics menu. Click Apply.

2. Go to Filters and click Add+.

3. In the list, choose Authors.

4. In the drop-down menu, choose Exactly matches and insert the exact name of the Author you want to track revenue for. Click Apply.

How to spot articles without an author?

1. In the Report by section of the dashboard, click Add+.

2. In the list, choose Page URL.

3. Go to Filters and click Add+.

4. In the list, choose Authors.

5. In the drop-down menu, choose ALL VALUES and select N/A. Click Apply.

6. Copy the URL of the page to inspect the Author information in the metadata markup.