Categories Report

Categories is a pre-made default report that shows a breakdown of monetization results by site categories/sections.

When to use it?
  • To identify sections with the highest value content, which will help you make important decisions regarding the content strategy on your site.
  • To find the least visited sections on the site and understand how the content can be improved to attract more users and increase engagement.
How to use it?

Go to the Data Insights tab and click on Categories. Apply relevant filters, and choose metrics you are interested in.

How to identify the most/least visited and top/low performing content categories?

1. Include traffic and earnings related metrics (such as, for example, Page Views, Number of Pages, Page RPM, and Earnings) in the Metrics menu. Click Apply.

2. In the report table, sort by Earnings in descending order (to find out the top performing categories) or in ascending order (to find out the low performing categories).

3. In the report table, sort by Page Views in descending (to find out the most visited) or in ascending order (to find out the least visited categories).