Interested in Clickio?

What is Clickio?

Clickio is a Google Certified Partner for Publishers, operating globally with focus on EMEA, LATAM, and US markets. Clickio provides publishers with innovative solutions that help their sites to grow efficiently and sustainably. We build products that not only increase the monetization outcome but also improve the user experience, ensuring total compliance with market regulations and providing easy access to publishers’ analytics. 


  • Get yourself connected to premium demand partners and embrace the power of our innovative solutions that optimize ad monetization through AI algorithms such as Dynamic ad Placement, Adaptive Ad Layout, and Dynamic Demand Stack. 
  • Receive personal support and make data-driven decisions that make your business flourish. 
  • Get access to the most innovative ad formats of the market.

Site Performance

  • Transform your site into a progressive web app, increasing speed, user engagement, and revenues with Clickio Prism.
  • Make sure your readers have a positive user experience on mobile devices.
  • Increase your user's engagement with the most cutting-edge technologies as Infinite scroll, Related articles, and Swipe.


  • Let us set up your ads.txt file with our Ads.txt Validator and ensure your total compliance with the digital market standard introduced by IAB. 
  • Get access to our GDPR Consent tool that is officially compliant with the Transparency and Consent Framework v2.2 and is Google Certified CMP. 
  • Protect your site from being black-listed by advertisers with our Brand Safety Solution for Publishers.


  • Discover the power of holistic analytics that combine both your monetization and user experience.
  • Keep track of your results in one place with the Clickio Publisher Platform. 
  • Get access to the standardized data across dozens of demand sources.
Why Clickio?

Clickio is a reliable partner for over 500 publishers worldwide. We provide publishers with simple but powerful solutions that help their sites grow.

All-inclusive monetization solution. We provide a 360° optimization to your monetization strategy, implementing dynamic ad placement and advanced A/B testing. Ad formats and positions are determined using sophisticated algorithms designed to maximize your ad revenue and performance. 

Personal support. A personal Account Manager and team of technical support are always available to help your business grow.

All-in-one partner. Beside Monetization and Site Performance, our clients receive full support in GDPR Compliance and Ads.txt validation. 

Advanced technologies. Our solutions embody the most innovative technologies available on the market, that ensure the great results in terms of monetization, user experience, and site performance.