6. Clickio Header Code

What is Clickio Header Code?

The Clickio Header Code (360.js or 360_light.js) is a tag, placed in the <head> section of a site, that enables ads serving and optimization of your site’s earnings.

Why add Clickio Header Code?

IMPROTANT: Installing the Clickio header code on your website is a mandatory prerequisite for activating ad serving and ensuring that your earnings are fully optimized.

Better Speed

  • By optimizing the Clickio header code, Prebid code and Google MCM MI Ad Manager tags run faster.

Maximum Competition

  • Clickio Header Code guarantees the maximum competition by simultaneously bidding in header bidding, open bidding, as well as, for native and outstream video formats.

Maximum Flexibility

  • Through the use of Google Ad Manager MCM MI tags Clickio ad units can fit ad places better; there will be no empty spaces when showing smaller creatives.

Activation of A/B Testing

  • The A/B testing of different ad configurations is possible only with Clickio Header Code.
How to install Clickio Header Code?

To add the Clickio Header Code, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to the Sites tab in the Clickio Publisher Platform and click the Edit icon for the website for which you wish to add a header code.

2. In the Codes section, copy the Header code, and paste it immediately after the opening <head> tag on all pages of your website.

Clickio Header code should be placed only once on all pages of your site, as it is the same for all ad units.

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How to check if Clickio Header Code is installed correctly on my site?

1. Go to the Sites tab in the Clickio Publisher Platform and click the Edit icon for the website for which you want to check the status of the Header code.

2. In the Codes section, next to the Header code, the validation status is displayed: Installed or Not installed.

3. If Clickio Header code is not installed or some problems were detected on your site, you will see a corresponding notification.

Check if the Header code is installed correctly according to the following checklist:

Header Code is placed after the opening <head> tag of your website.

Header Code is installed on both mobile and desktop versions of your website. 

Header code is added to all sections and for all categories of your website where Clickio ad units are placed.

Should you have any inquires regarding Clickio Header Code, please contact your account manager or Clickio Support Center at support@clickio.com.