Self-Billing Agreement (UK registered publishers only)

What is a Self-Billing Agreement and what is it used for?

A Self-Billing Agreement is an agreement between VAT registered companies, namely the customer (ALZ Software Ltd., t/a Clickio) and the supplier (Publisher).

UK tax law requires companies to enter into a formal billing arrangement for self-billing. Clickio prepares the agreement in strict accordance with HMRC guidelines and sends a copy to the publisher prior to the first payment.

For more information on Self-Billing Agreements, visit the UK Government website or contact your Legal Department.

What are the duties of Publishers?
  • sign and keep a copy of the self-billing agreement
  • agree not to issue any sales invoices to your customer for any transaction during the period of the agreement
  • agree to accept the self-billing invoices that your customer issues
  • tell your customer at once if you change your VAT registration number, cancel your VAT registration, or transfer your business as a going concern