Unified Reports

What are Unified Reports?

Unified Reports consolidate monetization and traffic data from Clickio, your Google AdSense or Ad Manager account, and Google Analytics. This means you are able to see all relevant and important ad performance data in one place.



Unified Reports do not include eventual deductions for invalid traffic. Estimated earnings may be adjusted if invalid click activity or ad implementation issue are detected on your website. The final amount for Clickio Earnings is available in the Billing section. Publisher direct earnings from Google AdSense or Ad Manager will be paid to you by Google. 

What are the main benefits of Unified Reports?

Save time - get all your key monetization and traffic data in one place, without having to log in to separate platforms

Make clearer comparisons - see how Clickio demand sources compare to your AdSense or AdManager - with all reporting in the same, easy-to-read format

Get a holistic view of your monetization strategy

Easily export data to CSV/XLS - for further analysis

How can I set up Unified Reports?

Firstly, please get in touch with your account manager to let them know you would like to set up Unified Reports.

You will then need to give Clickio access to the Google accounts you would like to be included in the reports.

1. Google Analytics (required)

  • Email access (instructions Universal | GA4) or API access (instructions Universal only, currently not available for GA4)

2. Google AdSense (required)


3. Google Ad Manager (optional)


Once you have granted access, please let your account manager know. It will then take 2-3 working days for the reports to be prepared and show up in your account. 

How can I access Unified Reports?


Unified Reports are split into two separate tabs, both of which can be accessed from the left-hand menu on the Clickio Publisher Platform.