Prism Metrics


Estimated Earnings is an estimation of revenue, derived from ad serving on the Prism version of a site during the selected time period.

Impressions is a number of ads that started the download to the user's device on Prism.

Session RPM = Prism Earnings / Number of Prism Sessions x 1000.

It’s a very important metric that helps to understand if ads on a website are performing well. Differently from other metrics, Session RPM shows “revenue per session”. The number of sessions can change because of traffic fluctuations and depends more on content, site audience, distribution, and SEO factors. Session RPM, though, doesn’t consider the absolute number of sessions, so it manages to reflect exclusively the effects of the monetization and user experience strategy.

Prism Page RPM = Prism Earnings / Number of Prism Pageviews x 1000. 

Compared to CPM and eCPM, which focus only on the economic value of ad units, Page RPM is a more “advanced” metric, because it takes users’ activities into account.

Prism Viewability is a metric that measures how “viewable” ads served on Prism are to users. 

Mobile Traffic 

Users is a number of web users accessing the website through the Prism version. 

Sessions is a number of user interactions with Prism Mobile that take place within a given time frame. For example, a single session can contain multiple page views, events, social interactions, and e-commerce transactions. 

Pageviews is a number of mobile pages viewed by users. 

Returning users % represent the percentage of users who return to the site in comparison to the number of all users. 

Sessions / User is the average number of sessions per user. 

Mobile UX & Speed

Average Page Load Time is the average time required to load a page requested by a user on Prism mobile.

Prism Swipes, % shows a percentage of swipe pages compared to the total number of Pageviews. The swipe feature helps improve user engagement and increases the number of pages per session.

Pages / Session is an average number of pages navigated in one session by users on Prism. 

Bounce rate is a ratio of website users who browse away from the Prism version of the site after only one-page viewing.

Average Session Duration represents the average time passed on the Prism version of the site during one session by users.