Prism Dashboard A/B Test

If Prism is activated on your site, the Prism dashboard will be available in your account.

Prism Dashboard A/B Test is a report that collects and compares the performance of the Prism versus the original version of the site.

A trial period starts on the date of the Prism launch and lasts 30 days, after which Prism is switched to 100% of mobile traffic.

  1. Statistics. The Prism A/B dashboard consists of 3 blocks of metrics: Monetization, Mobile Traffic, and UX & Speed. Every section has its unique metrics, the detailed description of which you can find here.
  2. Compare Prism to the original site. To switch the report to Prism 100% Dashboard, disable the Compare Prism to the original site button.
  3. Calendar period. To change the date period, go to the calendar and set the date frame you wish to have data for.
  4. Export data. The data from the Prism dashboard can be easily exported in CSV for further analysis. To export the data, click on the Export CSV button. Please note that the data will be exported for the period that is currently set up in the calendar.