Reports Tab


Reports section contains a variety of pre-made reports, including reports By Date, By Site, By Ad Unit, By Device, By Demand Type, and By Platform.

1. Dimensions: Dimensions determine what data will be displayed in the report, and the order in which they are added affects how they are displayed. Use the search box for quick navigation, and add multiple dimensions to break down your data further.

2. Filters: Filters allow you to drill down into your data, and they can be applied to both Dimensions and Metrics. You can add multiple filters to refine your data, and use the search box for quick navigation.

3. Metrics: Control which metrics are displayed in the report, and adjust their order by dragging them up or down in the list. Use the search box for quick navigation.

4. Date ranges: Run reports for any date range for which data exists. Choose from quick dates or select your own custom date range.

5. Group by: Choose whether to group by day, week, or month.

6. Refresh data: Update the data in the report by clicking on this button, while saving all the settings you've chosen.

7. Copy report URL: Customize the report using dimensions, metrics, filters, and date ranges. Clicking on this button adds the special parameter ?state= to the URL, which can be shared with colleagues or your Clickio account manager for a consistent view.

8. Save settings: Save custom report settings for future use.

9. Scorecards: Displays the total value of metrics for the selected period in a compact design that takes up less space on the screen. Select metrics to display on the line chart by clicking on any of the scorecards. You can choose more than two metrics for simultaneous view.

10. Line chart: Displays the date dimension on the X-axis (horizontal axis), while the Y-axis (vertical axis) represents the metric measurement.

11. Table: Tabular view of selected dimensions and metrics.

12. Export data: Export or download your report data in .csv or .xlsx format.