How to grant access to Clickio to your Google AdSense in MCM?

Only users with Admin access can accept an invitation to become a managed publisher in AdSense MCM.

You must provide Clickio with AdSense publisher ID and your email address, which should be the same you use to access your AdSense account. You can find your publisher ID under Account > Settings > Account information in your AdSense account.

We will send you an invitation link via email, or it will be provided by a Clickio manager. As soon as you accept the invitation, you'll be re-directed to your AdSense account. When you sign in to your AdSense account you'll see an Invitation to become a managed publisher interstitial page. After you agree to the terms and accept the invitation, Clickio will get access to your AdSense in MCM.

Access to AdSense in MCM is required for the sole purpose of reporting. No revenue sharing is supposed to take place, Clickio will not receive a proportion of your AdSense revenue and all the information will remain strictly confidential.

You can revoke the access at any time by logging into your AdSense account and clicking on Account > Settings > Account information > Remove account from manager.

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