How to create ad unit?

To add an ad unit on the Clickio Platform, please follow the instructions below.

Before generating any ad unit, make sure that the Clickio Header code is installed on your site.  

1. Go to the Ad Units tab on the Clickio Platform. 

2. Click the Add Ad Unit button. 

pasted image 0 (42).png

3. Select the site for which you wish to add a new ad unit. 

4. Name the new ad unit. It's good practice to include position, size, and device targeting in the ad unit name.

5. Specify the size of the unit.

6. Click the Add button. 

7. In the Main tab of the Ad Unit select Device Targeting.

8. In the Codes tab of the Ad Unit copy and paste the ad unit Body code in between the <body><body/> tags of your pages where you want ads to appear.