Custom Dimensions

What are Custom Dimensions?

Custom Dimensions are a feature of Clickio Web Vitals Monitoring that allows publishers to further segment pages for monitoring Core Web Vitals by hosting the appropriate code. For example, you could A/B test different site versions or separate page types.

The Custom Dimensions feature is available for Pro and Enterprise subscription plans only.

How to create Custom Dimensions in Clickio Web Vitals Monitoring?

To create a custom dimension, please follow the steps below. 

1. Go to the Web Vitals Monitoring tab and click Open Custom Dimension.

pasted image 0 (38).png

2. Click Add custom dimension button and enter the name of the dimension you wish to create.

pasted image 0 (39).png

3. Click Save

4. Select a newly created dimension or a group of dimensions you wish to add to the tracking code.

pasted image 0 (40).png

5. Copy code and place it on any page(s) you want to segment.

How to track Custom Dimensions in Clickio Web Vitals Reporting?

  1. Go to the Statistics tab in Web Vitals Monitoring and click Open
  2. In the Filters tab, click Add+ and select one of the created custom dimensions.

pasted image 0 (41).png