AdSense Mediation Activation Process

Step 1: Provide all the necessary access privileges to the Clickio team

1. Google Analytics access (required)

  • Access to Google Analytics as described in these instructions for Universal / GA4.

2. One of the following:


If your Adsense account is not connected to the Clickio platform, you will see a corresponding notification.


Step 2: Set up AdSense Mediation for each ad unit

If you have given us access to your AdSense account via MCM, the Clickio tech team will complete setup internally. Otherwise, you can easily adjust all the necessary settings yourself by following the steps below for each individual ad unit.

1. On the Clickio platform, go to Ad Units and select the ad unit for which you want to set up AdSense Mediation.

2. On the AdSense tab, turn on the toggle Connect your AdSense to increase earnings [1].


3. Create a new display ad unit of the same fixed size as the Clickio ad unit in your AdSense account by following these instructions and paste the ad unit code into the appropriate field [2] in the Clickio platform.

4. Click Save [3] to apply settings and activate the rotation.

5. Replace existing ad tags on your website with new Clickio tags that already include AdSense.

Step 3: Track performance in Reports

After successfully activating and setting up AdSense Mediation, Total Earnings will be split into Clickio Earnings and Publisher Direct Earnings across all reports on the Clickio platform.


In addition to standard Clickio platform reports, Unified Reports will also be available to track session-level metrics such as Session RPM and Page RPM. The latter are more appropriate metrics for evaluating overall performance.


Clickio charges NO commission on your AdSense earnings and only pays out Clickio Earnings. Your AdSense payments will proceed from Google in the normal way.