How to create a new AdSense ad unit for AdSense Mediation?

Always create a new AdSense ad unit for AdSense Mediation.

Always create a separate AdSense ad unit for each respective ad unit on the Clickio platform.

Created AdSense ad units must be used exclusively for AdSense Mediation on the Clickio platform and cannot be placed elsewhere on the site.

AdSense ad unit must be responsive or have a fixed size that is the same as the Clickio ad unit.

To create a new display ad unit in your AdSense account, follow the steps below:

1. In your AdSense account click Ads > By ad unit > Display ads.


2. Name your ad unit. We suggest using the same or similar ad unit name as on the Clickio platform. It will be easier to identify your ad unit later.

3. In the Ad size section, choose the size of the ads that you’d like to show:

  • Responsive OR
  • Fixed with the same width and height as the Clickio ad unit

4. Click Create.


5. On the HTML tab click Copy code snippet and paste the ad unit code into the appropriate field on the AdSense tab in the ad unit settings on the Clickio platform.

6. Click Done.