Multiple Customer Management with Clickio

What is SPM?

Premium monetization features in Ad Manager such as Ad Exchange and Open Bidding are available only by invite, and typically, Google limits access to large publishers. To benefit from these features, it is common among publishers to get their ad inventory managed by a montization partner. Ad inventory delegation in Ad Manager can be done through SPM (Scaled Partner Management) or MCM (Multiple Customer Management).   

By establishing a relationship with an ad network through SPM, the publisher shares their inventory with the ad network and allows them to run ads on their sites under the ad network account. The registration of a proper Ad Manager account is not necessary. The ad inventory settings are completely managed by the ad network partner. 

In mid-2021, Scaled Partner Management was replaced by the MCM Manage Inventory type of delegation.

What is MCM?

MCM, or Multiple Customer Management, is an Ad Manager 360 feature that allows ad networks (referred to as “Parent”) to connect to their publishing partners (referred to as “Child”) to assist in their inventory management in a policy-compliant way. There are two types of MCM relationships: 

  • the individual management with Manage Account,
  • ad inventory management at scale with Manage Inventory.

Publisher Partners (Child) can choose only one type of delegation when their ad inventory are managed by Ad Networks (Parent). 

About Manage Account

Manage Account is a type of MCM delegation that allows ad networks to directly manage the publisher’s inventory from their Ad Manager account. Ad network partners have access to all ad settings of their publishing partners. 

A publisher can only have one ad network partner who manages his inventory with the Manage Account type.

About Manage Inventory

Manage Inventory is a type of MCM delegation that gives ad network partner access only to inventory that the publisher has delegated to the partner. The publisher's inventory settings take place in the ad network account. 

Please find below some of the main differences between Manage Account and Manage Inventory delegation types.

  Manage Account Manage Inventory
Inventory access Direct access to all Child inventory Access to only delegated Child inventory
Maximum number of Parent partners Up to 1 Parent Up to 15 Parents
Ad Manager account access The Parent has access to the Child account The Parent does not have access to the Child account
Tag implementation Child Ad Manager tags Parent Ad Manager tags, including Child identifier
Payments Payments made to Child Payments made to Parent

More details can be found in this Google Ad Manager Help article.