Access to Clickio Google Ad Manager for direct advertising campaigns management

To ensure an efficient direct ad campaign implementation and monitoring, Clickio can provide publishers with access to Clickio Google Ad Manager

IMPORTANT! Google Ad Manager is a complex system designed primarily for advanced users. To successfully manage direct campaigns in Google Ad Manager, first make sure you get a complete understanding of it.

IMPORTANT! Direct access to Clickio Google Ad Manager is currently being fine-tuned, you will have access to some additional options and interfaces not described below. Please DO NOT change any settings unrelated to your direct campaigns.

How to get access to Clickio Google Ad Manager?

1. Contact your Clickio Account Manager and request access. 

2. In the Invitation to Share a Google Ad Manager Account that you receive from Google Ad Manager <>, click on the link to confirm access to the Clickio (ALZ Software Ltd 45470634) Google Ad Manager account.

Available permissions in Clickio Google Ad Manager

To create and manage direct ad campaigns, you will only need the Delivery tab. In the Delivery tab you will be able to:

  • Create, start, stop and manage orders in Delivery > Orders.
  • Create, start, stop and manage line items in Delivery > Line items.
  • Upload and manage creatives in Delivery > Creatives.
Important considerations when creating an Order

When creating an Order, please follow the instructions below:

  • Name: %site domain% (%ad campaign name%). Example: (Lloyds Bank)
  • Advertiser: select or add an advertiser. Example: Lloyds Bank
  • Creator: personal account (filled in automatically)
  • Trafficker: personal account (filled in automatically)
  • IMPORTANT! Labels (optional): select Direct campaign


  • IMPORTANT! Custom field (optional): select publisher_direct_campaign is On


What kind of targeting can be used in Clickio Google Ad Manager?

In Clickio Google Ad Manager you can target your Line items to:

  • Inventory

IMPORTANT! It is mandatory to select a list of ad units managed by Clickio on your site in the Line Item targeting.

We recommend that you always add all available ad units and then use other targeting criteria. However, if you know the exact position of the ad unit on your site (you can check the code on the page, match the ad unit ID and name on the Clickio Publisher Platform, or ask your Clickio account manager), then you can select that specific ad unit.

  • Custom targeting: a list of key-values. Recommended key-values:
    • smart_position: smart-banner instance number (from 1 to 20),
    • unit_type: ad unit type as defined internally (smart / sticky / fixed),
    • unit_position: used for unit_type=fixed ad units in Prism mobile version (BelowTitle / AbovePost / BelowPost).
  • You can also target other Ad Manager user data:
    • Geography,
    • Device category,
    • Browser,
    • Operating system,
    • Browser language.
How to monitor direct advertising campaigns in Clickio Google Ad Manager?

To view some basic data, go to the Delivery > Line items > Delivering in Clickio Ad Manager.