Clickio Referral Program

What is the Clickio Referral Program?

The Clickio Referral Program is a way to reward our existing partners for introducing new publishers to Clickio. If you recommend Clickio to another publisher and they go on to use our platform, you’ll get a share of the revenue we make from them.

How does it work?

If you know another publisher who meets our entry standards and might be interested in joining Clickio, you just need to send them your unique referral link, which you can find in the Clickio Publisher Platform (see below).

If a publisher signs up using your referral link within 14 days of you sending it to them, you will be recognised in the platform as their referrer. This means you will automatically receive 4% of the referred site’s advertising revenue for the first 12 months after they start using the platform.

This will be paid to you monthly, along with your usual payments from Clickio, and you can track your referral revenue within the platform.

How can I become a referrer?

All current Clickio publishers can become referrers. If you go into the platform, you will see the Referral Program [1] option in the menu on the left side.

On the General tab you’ll then see a page containing your unique referral link [2]. Just send this on to the publisher(s) you’d like to introduce to Clickio.

download (8).png

If they sign up within 14 days of you sending the link and they meet the criteria, you will automatically be recognised as the referrer.

You can also click on the relevant buttons [3] underneath to share the link directly to your social media channels. Feel free to add your own text explaining why publishers should join or how you’ve benefited from using Clickio.

Who can I refer to Clickio?

You can send the link to anyone you think might be interested in using Clickio. However, you will only start to earn commission if the site is accepted after our moderation process. Only quality sites which meet Clickio Entry Standards and Google’s AdSense Program Policies will be accepted. Generally, these will be sites generating a good level of traffic by producing lots of quality content.

Commission is only payable for sites that are new to Clickio, not those who are currently using the platform or have done so previously.

How much can I earn?

You’ll receive 4% of the revenue that the new publisher collects in their Clickio account for the first 12 months they are with Clickio.

There is no limit on the number of sites you can refer to Clickio or on the total amount of revenue you can earn from referrals. (The usual minimum payment thresholds will apply.)

How is the commission calculated?

Your referral commission is calculated monthly based on the total revenue the referred publisher generates through Clickio, after any Google Ad Manager deductions.

It does not include:

  • Revenue generated from other sources but tracked in the Clickio Publisher Platform (e.g. revenue from the publisher’s own AdSense account).
  • Commission earned by the publisher from referring other sites.

The referral period begins once the new publisher has been accepted onto the platform, following moderation by Clickio.

How can I monitor referral earnings?

Go to the Referral Program option on the left-hand menu, then click on the Dashboard tab.

Here you can see the number of publishers you’ve referred [1] and your total earnings from these [2]. As with the dashboard for your own site, you can change the dates at the top to see different time periods [3].

download (10).png

Please note that the dashboard displays estimated earnings, before any deductions, so the actual amount you receive may be different. You can track your actual earnings within the Billing section of the platform.

How are referral payments made?

Referral payments will be made to you monthly, at the same time and on the same terms as your own advertising payments. You can track these payments in the Billing > Balance section.

What happens if someone else has referred the new publisher too?

If you and another current Clickio publisher have both sent a referral link to a new publisher within 14 days of them signing up, the current publisher whose referral link was clicked last before sign-up will be eligible for the referral commission.

Further information

You can find full terms and conditions here.

If you have further questions about the referral program, please contact your Clickio account manager or get in touch via email