Clickio Entry Standards


Publishers are required to meet the following Clickio Entry Standards in order to have access to Clickio Fully Managed Service, which includes:

  • AI-based monetization services;
  • real-time reporting in Clickio platform;
  • personal Account Manager;
  • technical and ad operations support.
Content Policies

Publishers may monetize only pages with content that meets the following requirements:

  • fully comply with Google AdSense Programme Policies;
  • do not violate any rights of third parties (in particular, without limitation, copyrights, trademark rights, personal rights or similar rights);
  • do not violate any other content policies (for example, content that is adult, shocking or advocates racial intolerance can not be monetized).
Minimum Traffic Requirements

If your site does not meet the Minimum Traffic Requirements, but its ad revenue exceeds $500 per month, it can still be accepted on the Clickio platform.

Minimum Traffic Requirements are applicable for single websites. Monthly traffic is verified by Clickio Policy team using independent services such as Alexa, SimilarWeb, ComScore. In case of the impossibility of such verification, publishers must grant access to Google Analytics Universal or Google Analytics 4. Alternatively, publishers can provide a Google Analytics report for the last 6 months attesting traffic volume, its structure and sources.

The following Minimum Traffic Requirements are set for different countries or regions.

Country or region Monthly pageviews
- UK 100,000
- France 100,000
- Italy 250,000
- Spain 250,000
- Portugal 500,000
- rest of Europe 300,000
Latin America  
- Brazil 750,000
- Colombia 750,000
- Mexico 750,000
- rest of Latin America 1,500,000
USA, Australia and Canada 100,000
Rest of the World 1,000,000

The Minimum Traffic Requirements are indicative. Clickio reserves the right to reject a site even if they are met, but we believe that it is not suitable for our network.

Minimum Account Earnings

Clickio is a highly technological monetization platform. Our artificial intelligence algorithms optimize ad revenue by combining quality demand sources.

In order to guarantee the best-personalized service to our publishers, minimum earnings requirements are set to $500 per month.

If a publisher does not reach the minimum earnings after 3 months of collaboration, Clickio reserve the right to disable ad serving on such an account.

Minimum Account Score

Publisher’s account will need to meet the following minimum criteria:

These criteria are essential for website health. Clickio will help publishers to reach the Minimum Account Score.

Country Exclusions

As a UK-headquartered company with a subsidiary in Italy, Clickio is fully compliant with all trade and financial sanctions imposed by the United Kingdom, the European Union and other countries. This means we do not do business with publishers or ad networks from countries, such as Cuba, Iran, Syria, Russia, Sudan.

You can find further information on the regimes subject to sanctions at the links below:

UK sanctions

EU sanctions

If you have any questions about the countries we work with, please contact