February 2020 - Changes to Reporting


Starting from February 2020, we are upgrading the way we import data related to Google Ad Exchange and Google Open Bidding.  Specifically, the import is switching from "Ad Exchange Historical" to "Historical" report type in Google API. The changes to the resulting reporting are minor and do not affect earnings. All the details are provided below.

Time Zone Change

Data until 31/01/2020 is in Pacific Time Zone. Starting from 01/02/2020, it is imported in Greenwich Mean Time. This switch from one time zone to the other creates an overlap of 8 hours (the early morning of February 1st in GMT is still the evening of January 31 in PTZ). In order to avoid data duplication, the data for 8 hours on 01/02/2020 is adjusted.

Matched Requests switch to Impressions

Prior to 01/02/2020, we used Matched Request metric to import impression data. As this metric is no longer available in the new Ad Manager reporting, we are switching to Ad Impressions metric. 

Matched Requests - "Number of requests where a buyer was matched with the Ad request, for mapped Ad Exchange properties."

Ad Impressions - "The number of impressions an Ad Exchange ad delivered for line item-level dynamic allocation."

The old metric tracked the number of transaction on the Ad Exchange, whereas the new metric tracks ad that have actually been delivered to the user. For most publishers, the difference between these two metrics is minor. More information can be found in the Google Ad Manager API documentation.

Ad Placement Impression Tracking

Clickio Platform is A/B testing ad layouts, demand partners, and monetisation channels to maximize performance and earnings. To more accurately reflect the results of these optimisations, starting from 26/02/2020, impressions and eCPM might be counted differently and show some variation from the old reporting. Estimated earnings will remain completely unchanged.