What is ads.txt?

Ads.txt is a simple, flexible, and secure method for publishers and distributors to declare who is authorized to sell their inventory, improving transparency for programmatic buyers.

Please find IAB description and specification.

How does it work?

Publishers drop a text file on their web servers that contains a list of companies that are authorized to sell the publishers’ inventory. Similarly, programmatic platforms also integrate ads.txt files to confirm which publishers’ inventory they are authorized to sell. This allows buyers to check the validity of the inventory they purchase.

If ad exchanges and the publishers they represent adopt ads.txt, bidders can check the presence of an ads.txt file in their tags to verify that the exchange and the publisher have a legitimate connection between them.

Why is it important for your site?

By making public the names of your authorized sellers, ads.txt certifies your inventory as authentic and gives it the value it deserves. Many DSPs restrict their ad purchases to websites that provide ads.txt files. Therefore, if your website does not provide one, it could be excluded by a growing number of potential buyers, with possible negative consequences on ad revenue.

Clickio’s ads.txt

Clickio's ads.txt reflects an elaborate configuration of our demand stack. Clickio works only with premium demand sources via Google Ad Manager, Open Bidding, Header Bidding and Server-to-Server Bidding. Dynamic Demand Stack technology uses machine learning to analyze demand partners and channels, and select combinations that guarantee the best performance.

Google Ad Exchange, pub-3104790387792468, RESELLER, f08c47fec0942fa0

Amazon, 04013c9e-1356-42d0-86b7-40a716af3f50, RESELLER #display, 540191398, RESELLER, 6a698e2ec38604c6 #display, 157150, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace #display, 100962, RESELLER #display, 1908, RESELLER, f5ab79cb980f11d1 #display, 18020, RESELLER, 0bfd66d529a55807, 1654642120, RESELLER, a670c89d4a324e47, 12068, RESELLER

AppNexus, 9954, RESELLER, f5ab79cb980f11d1

DistrictM, 101028, RESELLER, 3fd707be9c4527c3, 1908, RESELLER, f5ab79cb980f11d1

Index Exchange, 189596, RESELLER, 189595, RESELLER

OpenX, 537119011, RESELLER, 6a698e2ec38604c6, 540158170, RESELLER, 6a698e2ec38604c6, 540781154, RESELLER, 6a698e2ec38604c6

Outbrain, 7597, RESELLER, f5ab79cb980f11d1, q017o-78mlk, RESELLER, 1a4e959a1b50034a, 15429, RESELLER, 15a9c44f6d26cbe1, 26154, RESELLER, 225721, RESELLER, 741650, RESELLER, 17130, RESELLER, 0bfd66d529a55807, 450, RESELLER, 59c49fa9598a0117, 540393169, RESELLER, 6a698e2ec38604c6, 238936, RESELLER, 7842df1d2fe2db34, 562145, RESELLER, 89ff185a4c4e857c, 190856, RESELLER, 50b1c356f2c5c8fc, 158615, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace, 1773068026, RESELLER, b6ada874b4d7d0b2

Pubmatic, 157685, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace, 157687, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace

Rubicon, 19942, RESELLER, 0bfd66d529a55807, 19944, RESELLER, 0bfd66d529a55807

SmartAdServer, 3070, RESELLER, 560288, RESELLER, 89ff185a4c4e857c, 156439, RESELLER, 154037, RESELLER, 16114, RESELLER, 0bfd66d529a55807, 537149888, RESELLER, 6a698e2ec38604c6, 3703, RESELLER, f5ab79cb980f11d1, 107, RESELLER, 81cbf0a75a5e0e9a, 13132, RESELLER, 0bfd66d529a55807, 156030, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace, 101760, RESELLER, 3fd707be9c4527c3, s-2411, RESELLER, 6c8d5f95897a5a3b, 5679, RESELLER, 6c8d5f95897a5a3b

Sovrn, 247953, RESELLER, fafdf38b16bf6b2b, 247953-eb, RESELLER, fafdf38b16bf6b2b, 247953, RESELLER, fafdf38b16bf6b2b, 538959099, RESELLER, 6a698e2ec38604c6, 137711, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace, 156212, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace, 11645, RESELLER, ffdef49475d318a9, 1360, RESELLER, f5ab79cb980f11d1, 539924617, RESELLER, 6a698e2ec38604c6, 156700, RESELLER, 5d62403b186f2ace, 17960, RESELLER, 0bfd66d529a55807

Sublime, 1827, RESELLER, 335, RESELLER, 3538, RESELLER, 3539, RESELLER, 3540, RESELLER, 69337, RESELLER, 72729, RESELLER

Teads, 15389, RESELLER, 15a9c44f6d26cbe1

You can download the full ads.txt file here.

How to update your ads.txt file?

Clickio has an ads.txt validator available in the platform. It allows publishers to check the current status of their ads.txt file and sends warnings in case of problem detection.

If there is an issue with ads.txt on your site, you will see an alert in your Clickio account. Please follow the steps below to update your ads.txt:

  1. Sign in to your Clickio account and click Ads.txt: 
  2. Check sites highlighted in yellow or red with the status Ads.txt was found but it doesn’t contain all required data.
  3. In the Action column, click Fix now.
  4. Copy and paste missing lines to your current ads.txt file. Do not replace or delete previously added lines to avoid revenue disruptions. Alternatively, you can download your full ads.txt file with all required lines.
  5. Upload a new copy of the ads.txt file to your root domain.
  6. Click on Update status button.
  7. If the status is changed to Everything is OK, your ads.txt is updated.