Clickio Customer Satisfaction Survey

Clickio is collaborating with Google Inc. to run a biannual Publisher Satisfaction study as part of membership in the Google Certified Publishing Partner Program (GCPP).

What is the survey about?

The survey consists of 12 short questions about satisfaction with products, educational programs, payment services, and support provided by Clickio. All GDPR compliant publishers who have consented to the survey and all non-GDPR publishers will receive an email from Qualtrics at the end of Q2 and Q4, as well as some reminders during the survey. In the email you will find a link to the survey in your preferred communication language. 

The survey takes no more than 5 minutes.

Who organizes the survey?

The survey is hosted by Qualtrics on behalf of Google. Qualtrics is a GDPR compliant technology provider that helps enable its customers; in this case, Google Inc. to comply with the GDPR for satisfaction surveys.

Why is this important for Clickio?

Clickio, as a Google Certified Publishing Partner, regularly participates in all initiatives of the Google program. We strongly believe in the effectiveness of our customer feedback as it helps us assess areas for improvement and open up new opportunities for future development.

Participation of European Publishers

Why should I give consent?

The GDPR requires prior consent for the use and transfer of personal information from European users. To take the survey, we ask our European-based partners to consent to the transfer of their email address and website domain to Google and Qualtrics.


How to withdraw the consent?

You have the option to revoke your consent at any time, after which your data will be deleted. To withdraw your email address from the survey, please go to the Settings tab in the Clickio Publisher Platform and switch off the toggle Participate in a survey, then click Save settings. Alternatively, you can send an email to