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Custom Dimensions

Clickio Web Vitals Monitoring

What are Custom Dimensions? Custom Dimensions are a feature of Clickio Web Vitals Monitoring tha...

Google AdSense Deductions

Policy and Compliance

Google AdSense deductions aren't new. However, this topic becomes more relevant, as AdSense deduc...

WP Plugin + Clickio CDN Integration for WordPress Sites

Clickio Prism Clickio Prism Mobile Integration Types

Description For WordPress sites, activating Clickio CDN brings extra benefits: Faster delivery...

Why do we migrate from SPM to MCM?

Google Ad Manager Guide

MCM Manage Inventory will replace Scaled Partner Management by mid-2021.  Previously, the delega...

Invalid Traffic

Policy and Compliance

What is Invalid Traffic? According to Google, invalid traffic is any interaction (clicks and imp...

Unified Reports

Clickio Publisher Platform

What are Unified Reports? Unified Reports consolidate monetization and traffic data from Clickio...

Direct Advertising Campaigns Integration with Clickio

Clickio Publisher Platform

With Clickio, you can include direct ad campaigns into your monetization strategy. Integration of...

Activation process for new publishers

Clickio Web Vitals Monitoring Activation of Clickio Web Vitals Monito...

To get Clickio Web Vitals Monitoring, please follow the steps below.  1. Sign up for Clickio Web...

Custom Alert Settings

Clickio Web Vitals Monitoring

With Clickio Web Vitals Monitoring, you can easily configure alert settings to receive emails whe...

Reports Tab

Clickio Publisher Platform

Reports section contains a variety of pre-made reports, including reports By Date, By Site, By ...

Clickio CDN Integration for non-WordPress sites

Clickio Prism Clickio Prism Mobile Integration Types

Description For non-WordPress sites, Clickio Prism is integrated through Clickio CDN. It automat...

How to create an Ad Manager Network account?

Google Ad Manager Guide

If you have a Google AdSense account, please make sure to enable Admin access for the user email ...

GDPR Consent Tool Customer Support

Clickio GDPR Consent Tool

While the Clickio GDPR Consent tool is designed to autonomously help publishers achieve GDPR comp...

February 2020 - Changes to Reporting

Platform Updates

Summary Starting from February 2020, we are upgrading the way we import data related to Google A...

Site Layout Changes with Clickio Prism

Clickio Prism

Congratulations! Clickio Prism is now launched on your site. Thanks to super-fast site loading, y...


Clickio Prism Prism Settings in Clickio Platform

This tab allows publishers to edit the main settings in Prism: Prism status Cache B...

Categories Report

Clickio Data Insights

Categories is a pre-made default report that shows a breakdown of monetization results by site ca...

GDPR Compliance for Publishers

Clickio GDPR Consent Tool

What is GDPR? GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) is a set of rules that harmonize and str...

Instructions for Charles Proxy Session on Android

Policy and Compliance Malvertising Issues

Go to Charles Proxy Download page and follow instructions to download and install it on your c...

Sites Tab

Clickio Publisher Platform

1. Choose Site. In the dropdown menu, choose the website among all registered in the platform u...