Requirements for the integration of Google AdSense into Prism Dashboard

Clickio uses AdSense Management API (Version 1.4) to get data from your AdSense account and include it into Prism A/B Testing report. The list of available dimensions is limited, which imposes additional restrictions. Therefore, publishers should fulfill the following requirements in order to integrate AdSense into Prism Dashboard:

  1. Connect Google AdSense to the Clickio Publisher Platform.
  2. Separate all AdSense ad units into AMP and Web. AMP units should only be placed on the AMP version of the site, while Web units should only be placed on the Web version.
  3. All AdSense AMP ad units should have an acronym AMP’ anywhere in their name, necessarily in capital letters (for example, Mobile Article AMP), while all AdSense Web ad units should NOT have this acronym in their name (for example, Mobile ATF).

AdSense Auto ads earnings will NOT be included in the Prism Dashboard.

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