Why do we migrate from SPM to MCM?

MCM Manage Inventory will replace Scaled Partner Management by mid-2021. 

Previously, the delegation of ad inventory in Ad Manager could be done without the registration of the publisher's account, but simply by accepting an ad network invitation through SPM. From mid-2021, Ad Manager account registration is required for all publishers who want their ad inventory to be managed by third parties to ensure a sustainable digital ecosystem.

Clickio is migrating from SPM to MCM, choosing the Manage Inventory delegation type to provide more benefits for publishers. 

  • Deep analysis of monetization results. Migration to MCM with Manage Inventory allows ad networks to transfer the monetization data and further analyze it, thereby providing publishers with powerful reporting. 
  • More control over ad inventory management. Manage Inventory gives publishers complete control over their inventory management by delegating only specific ad spaces to their ad network partners. Partners do not have access to publishers’ accounts and only manage delegated ad inventory.
  • Delegation of inventory to multiple partners. With Manage Inventory, publishers can have multiple monetization partners (up to 15) to help them manage inventory.
  • Contribution to a sustainable digital ecosystem. Ad inventory management with MCM is a secure and policy-compliant way to delegate ad inventory. MCM provides additional transparency in the delegation process between publishers and their ad network partners, helping to build a resilient digital ecosystem.