How to update your tags for MCM?

MCM Manage Inventory requires ad tags from the parent Ad Manager account to be used on the inventory delegated by the child publishers, including the child network code as a parameter. For more information, see this Ad Manager support article.

While the Clickio technical team will automatically change the tags of all Web codes, in the case of AMP tags (excluding Prism AMP) you need to replace the codes on the site yourself.

Once your site is approved in the Ad Manager MCM Manage Inventory, you should update the AMP tags as soon as possible.

To ensure ad serving on your site's AMP pages after the MCM migration, make sure to replace the ad codes with the updated tags by following the steps below.

1. Go to the Ad Units page in your Clickio account and set the status filter to Need to fix”.

2. Click on the ad unit name to open the edit ad unit dialog box.

3. In the Codes tab, copy the ad unit code and replace it on your site in the <body> section of all AMP pages. Please note that the code from the <head> section needs to be installed on the site only once, it remains unchanged and does not require re-tagging.

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4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for all remaining AMP ad units.